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Admin Number: 281-326-1098

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Citizen complaints are taken seriously and anyone making one is treated with respect. The overall complaint process is designed to be fair to both parties involved and all complaints are investigated to ensure the integrity of the Lakeview Police Department.

Complaints can be made using the online form below, but if you do not complete it then you will need to submit a written and signed letter to the Lakeview Police Department. All written complaints will be documented and reviewed.

Before you file a written complaint you also have the option to stop by the Lakeview Police Department or phone the employee’s supervisor. Their supervisor can talk to you about the complaint and try to resolve it. Keep in mind that even after a verbal discussion with the employee’s supervisor a written complaint will be required if you decide to pursue the complaint further.

You may complete the form below or send a written and signed letter to: Lakeview Police Department, Attn: Office of Professional Standards, 98 Lakeshore Drive, El Lago, Texas, 77586 or you can call 281-326-1098 to speak to a supervisor.