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Lakeview Police Department

98 Lakeshore Drive

El Lago, Texas 77586

Administration Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 7:00am-4:00pm

Friday 8:00am-12:00pm

Phone Numbers

Admin Number: 281-326-1098

Dispatch Number: 281-326-5900 (Open 24/7)

Fax Number: 281-326-1878

Emergencies Dial 911

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Overnight Parking Exemption Request

Vacation Watch Request

Compliment Form

Complaint Form

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To better serve our communities here are some common forms that are used by the citizens.

Note: All forms are in PDF format and require an appropriate program to view. Should you not have a program to view and print the form you may go to the Lakeview Police Department to obtain a copy.

Vacation Watch

Citizens of El Lago and Taylor Lake Village are able to submit a Vacation Watch form so that the Lakeview Police Department will add focus to their home while they are away. This form also allows officers to be aware of who to contact in case there is an issue pertaining to your home while you are away. These issues may not even be crime related; storm damage, a water line break, or other incident that affects the home that the home owner might want to be aware of while they are away. This service is provided at no cost to the citizens of the cities.


Overnight Parking Exemption Request Form

This form is to inform the Lakeview Police Department via email of the need to park a vehicle on the street overnight and to request a waiver of the enforcement of the city’s parking ordinance.

Open Records Request

To request a copy of an offense or accident report complete this form and either mail, hand deliver to 98 Lakeshore Dr. El Lago, Tx. 77586, or email form to

As an alternative, you can get copies of an accident report or offense report by visiting the Police 2 Citizen Website.

Compliment Form

This form is to inform the Lakeview Police Department via email of a compliment you might have about one of our officers or employees.

Complaint Form

This form is to inform the Lakeview Police Department via email of a complaint you might have about one of our officers or employees.

Alarm Permit

Citizens and businesses of El Lago and Taylor Lake Village are required to register their alarms with the Lakeview Police Department. Registration is free and helps both the police department and the citizens by providing important information in the event of alarm activations. Some important information to know about Alarm Permits:

  • Alarm Permits are valid for a twelve month period beginning from the date of submission.
  • Should any information change, you are responsible for notifying the Lakeview Police Department in a timely manner.
  • If information on your permit has not changed in the previous year you may renew your permit simply by contacting the Lakeview Police Department.
  • If there are any changes to your permit information, you are required to submit a new form.
  • Be aware that repeated false alarms my result in a fine according to your cities ordinance on alarms.
  • You are responsible for renewal and not having a valid, current permit on file may result in a fine.
  • Accidental activations are not considered false alarms.

Visit the below links to access the alarm permit for your city. The completed alarm permit form is to be turned in to your local City Hall.