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Employees often go above and beyond their call for duty. This often goes unnoticed and Law Enforcement employees are no different than anyone else. They appreciate it when their good works or deeds are noticed. Often, they are remembered for traffic tickets they issued or arrests they have made and not for the hundreds of other services and help they provide to our communities.

While employees don’t expect to be thanked for the things they do, recognizing them for exceptional service is something we are always grateful for.

If an Officer or employee of the Lakeview Police Department provides service you feel he or she should receive a commendation for please fill out a compliment form that is available here below or at Lakeview Police Department 98 Lakeshore Drive, El Lago, Texas, 77586 Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm central time.

Our Police Chief, Carl Nunn, will receive the compliment submitted and make sure that the employee receives a copy and that a copy is placed into their personnel file. Citizen compliments increase morale and encourage the recipient and other Department employees to be more positive. Compliments strengthen the good relationship between the public and their Police Department.

The Lakeview Police Department is committed to providing the best service possible and citizen feedback is essential if we are to succeed in this goal.

You may fill out and submit a compliment below about any employee of the Lakeview Police Department. Or you can send any compliment in writing to the Chief of Police using the mailing address above.