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Lakeview Police Department

98 Lakeshore Drive

El Lago, Texas 77586

Administration Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 7:00am-4:00pm

Friday 8:00am-12:00pm

Phone Numbers

Admin Number: 281-326-1098

Dispatch Number: 281-326-5900 (Open 24/7)

Fax Number: 281-326-1878

Emergencies Dial 911

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Entry Level Positions

Police Officer

The patrol function is the operational backbone of the department. Within this function, uniformed Officers provide the manpower to this foremost part of our operations.

In order to fulfill this function, the Officer must be able to learn and master the following tasks:

– Complete a field training program of up to 16 weeks, depending on experience.

– Qualify with, and carry, a handgun and shotgun while on duty.

– Safely operate a marked Police patrol vehicle for extended periods of time.

– Interact with the public at large in a professional and pleasant manner.

– Complete police reports on offenses reported to the department or committed within the presence of the Officer.

– Enforce traffic laws of the State of Texas and city ordinances of the cities of El Lago and Taylor Lake village.

– Issue municipal citations (tickets) utilizing an eTicket writer for violations of the afore mentioned traffic laws and city ordinances.

– When necessary, arrest offenders and book them into the city or county jail.

– Other duties as assigned or as they become necessary.

The job of Policing in the 21st century has become ever more difficult and some degree of computer proficiency is required in order to function effectively in todays environment. The Lakeview Police Department is dispatched through the Webster Police Department Communications Center via Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD). The Officers manage their calls for service, citations and offense reports utilizing Mobile Computing Terminals and eTicket writers.

The Lakeview Police Department also jails municipal prisoners at the Webster City Jail. Prisoners charged with Class B and above misdemeanors, who are eligible for and awaiting bond, are also housed at the Webster City Jail.