The following information will be submitted to the Lakeview Police Department via email to inform them of the need to park a vehicle on the street overnight and to request a waiver of the enforcement of the city's parking ordinance. Submission of this notification does not guarantee that a citation will not be issued if circumstances exist that indicate overnight parking on the street is not warranted. Please submit an individual request for each vehicle.

Before completing and submitting the form below, please read the following important information: in order to ensure proper delivery of the request via email to the Lakeview Police Department, please be sure to open your email client (i.e., Outlook, Windows Mail. Gmail. etc.) after form submission and examine the Sent folder for evidence of the sent form via email. Some email client programs will not send an email generated via this type of method until the email program has been opened. Checking the Sent folder will ensure the email client program has been opened. Also, once the form / email has been sent, a copy of the form / email will reside in the Sent folder. This copy will assure you the form / email has been properly submitted.


Contact Person:
This is a person we can contact should there be an issue with the overnight parking request.

Address where vehicle will be parked:
This is the physical address where the vehicle is being parked, we only need the street address; city and state are not necessary.

Number of days waiver will be needed:
Should you require more than five days please contact your city hall to request a variance.

Reason parking waiver is needed:
If your reason is not listed, select 'Other' and explain in notes below.

Contact Number:
This is not required but is used in case we need to contact you.


This is to identify the vehicle you are desiring to be exempted.

You can use 'Color/Color' such as; Red/Grey to indicated a multi-colored vehicle.

Registration plate number:
If licensed in a state other than Texas, please so indicated after the registration number on the above line.

If you have additional vehicles that require an exemption, you may enter their information in the Additional Information field below instead of having to resubmit this form multiple times.

Additional Information:

Any notes you feel the officers should know, or additional vehicles after the first one.


Attention! Should you be unable to submit this form or should you receive an error; you may submit the information via an email to

Just email the above information to the address given. All else fails, place a legible note on the dash board where an officer can see it, asking for a parking exemption for that night.